samantha tennant


The one place you can wear Kanye’s leather jogging pants

A song for every day last month

Our view at the last stop of the day 👌💯 (at Frogtown Wine)

The b-e-a-utiful bride to be 👰🍷 (at Wolf Mountain Vineyards & Winery)

Finally posting some pictures from the weekend… The gang at Yonah Mountain Vineyard. We sipped delicious wine in their shiny new tasting room while taking in the beautiful view 🍷🗻

Cheers 🍻 (the lack of champagne emoji is really terrible by the way)

One of our roommates for the weekend. The owners of the cabin are big on “animal figurines that hold things”

#tbt With my main squeeze @emtennant14. Can’t wait to celebrate her upcoming nuptials this weekend 👰🍷😘

It’s a kitten using my hand as a pillow [series of high pitched squealing noises] #kittenmittens