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Day 2: 10 Likes and Dislikes


  • Nutella
  • Good coffee like the kind I would drink several times a day in Spain. It didn’t need anything in it and it tasted like a really mellow, sexy party in your mouth.
  • Browsing Pet Finder for a dog that I will never own  
  • Cheese
  • Booze (except gin, I just can’t with that one unless it is in a turkey baster and coming out of a bucket)
  • Travelling (well not actually the travelling part but the exploring different places part) 
  • The way books smell
  • Also, the way laundry smells
  • Holding newborn babies. This is no way means that I am ready to have my own children. Since so many of my friends and family are reproducing, I get to hold their little ones and it is the best thing. I go full on crazy too. I talk like a complete idiot and get all misty-eyed. I just blame my ovaries because they quite literally freak out in the presence of children. Seriously, if you’ve never held a newborn, get yourself one to snuggle STAT. It makes you forget any and all bullshit going on in your life for awhile. Plus, they are just so warm and soft and they just sleep the whole time. And I just ovulated. Fuck.
  • Just dancing like a complete fool and belting out songs with my friends.


  • When people tell me that I should smile. That whole thing on bitchface is the story of my life.
  • "Networking" - it’s work-speak for fake smiles and forced conversation. My fake laugh is so good you might actually think I’m laughing at your jokes and not at you. That makes me sound horrible, but I hate having to pretend that I like bad TV or joke about the weather just to talk to other “professionals.”
  • When toilet paper goes under instead of over.
  • That Kuerig and other single cup coffee machines are so popular. IT’S NOT THAT HARD TO MAKE COFFEE! You don’t have to grind the beans yourself (even though it’s easy and tastes better)! You only want one cup? Get a French press. It’s not hard. Or just brew enough for one or two cups (hello those travel cups are huge). It takes 5 minutes instead of 30 seconds AND ITS REAL COFFEE. Um, whoa, I’ll step down off the ledge here… got a little carried away with that one. I don’t take coffee that seriously, but the shit that comes out of a Kuerig just tastes SO BAD.
  • When I’m at a bar and ask what bourbon they have and the bartender lists off some but also includes Jack Daniels. Jack Daniels is not bourbon! We can get all up in the technicalities BUT IT. IS. NOT. BOURBON. They even say so themselves!  
  • Despite constantly trying not to bite my nails, when I get stressed I do. I don’t mean to at all. I am good for so many months then BOOM. Stress. And I’m back down to nubs. It’s not a good look.
  • That I can never just put my laundry away after washing, drying, and folding it. It’s like I do 90% of the work, but that last 10% is just so damn hard.
  • My skin. Why must I have oily skin that is prone to break outs. My chin has regressed to being 15 years old again lately, and it is not a good look.
  • That I can’t just fucking buckle down and get back in shape. Yeah I want to lose a few pounds, who doesn’t? But I used to feel really good when I was in shape. I want that back.
  • Bugs of any kind. Except ladybugs. I scream and run away. Then go and get the vacuum and whimper until it’s gone.
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  • Aug 28, 2012
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